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Stokast Inc. was established in 2009 by Dr. Nasser Ashgriz, as spin off company from the University of Toronto. The original mission of the company was to help the industry in optimizing the performance of various fluid-thermal systems.  This mission is now expanded to product development in various fields, in particular, to industries related to powder production, such as pharmaceutical industry.











Our Standard


Customer Satisfaction


An absolute commitment to excellence in everything we do


An absolute commitment to accountability for everything that we do


An absolute commitment to providing superior service to our Clients

Our team of experts can provide information and technical advice during design and product development or for failure analysis of the current systems and processes. An in-house patent lawyer can help our clients in patenting novel devices.


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Engineering Consulting

Tel: 416-871-3466

158 Front St. E, Suite 403

Toronto ON M5A 1E5

Tel: (416) 721-6543

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