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Energy and Environment

Nuclear – Thermal-Hydraulics


Stokast conducts nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics and safety analysis.  Both single phase and two-phase flows in various geometries and flow channels are routinely being simulated.   Some of the process that is investigated is as follows: 


  • Single and two-phase phenomena in tube bundles 

  • Interphase transfer processes in two-phase flow 

  • CFD Modeling in Moderators and Fuel Channels

  • Modeling of Nucleation and Bubble Formation

  • Modeling Two Phase  and Bubbly flows

  • Modeling Bubble departure size and velocity during the onset of nucleation.

  • Condensation in two-phase flow systems 

  • Hydrodynamics of countercurrent two-phase flow 

  • Prediction of the Critical Heat Flux from the first Principals

Combustion & Emission Fossil Fuel


  • Biomass Energy Conversion Technology

  • CO2 Capture and Sequestration

  • Coal Gasification

  • Coal Slurry Combustion and Gasification

  • Combustion Engineers

  • Combustion Testing & Combustion Plant Design Consultants

  • Emissions

  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies Consultants

  • Hydrogen Energy Consultants

  • Hydrogen Research

  • Industrial Air Emissions Testing

  • Liquid Fuel Spray Injection and Combustion

  • Oil/Fuel Services

  • Pet coke Gasification

  • Solid Fuel Combustion Engineers

  • PEM Fuel cells – water management

  • Diesel Engines – fuel injection and mixing systems

  • Combustion of Liquid Fuels

  • Incineration of Hazardous Liquid Wastes – e.g., Chlorinated hydrocarbons

  • Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines

  • Fire Spread

  • Modeling and Scaling of Multiphase flows in Steam/bitumen Nozzles

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