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CFD Modeling & Simulation


High Power Computations


Stokast has a variety of software to conduct simulations. Each software has its own advantages, and will provide an optimum result for a particular range of problems. Our experts choose the most appropriate software for your problem. The following are some of our licensed CFD software:


Fluent Software                ANSYS                       Open Foam             KIVA


Mesh Generation Services using the best in class CFD meshing software: ICEM CFD, Design Optimization Studies for various Flow Path profiles. Multiphase flow modeling.


Simulating multiphase flows, such as flows comprising of sprays, particulates, and boiling, requires special type of programing. Stokast staff are specialized in such programing and can simulate some of the most complex flows.


Fluid Flow


  • Internal / External

  • Laminar / Turbulent

  • Compressible / Incompressible

  • Subsonic, Transonic, Supersonic

  • Steady State / Transient



Heat Transfer

  • Conduction

  • Convection (forced / natural)

  • Conjugate

  • Radiation

  • Joule

  • Solar

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