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Engineering Consulting

We offer engineering expertise in


Design, Product analysis, Product testing,  Prototyping, Failure analysis, Numerical simulations, Theoretical analysis, Nozzle design and Powder and Particle Characterisation. 


Research & Development


Research and development is of great importance to keep an industry competitive. We help the industry to develop new concepts, processes and products.  



Failure Analysis


Failure analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of a failure. Failure analysis is not only used as a tool to develop new or improved products, but to determine the causes of failure in various field. 

A failure analysis engineer often plays a lead role in the analysis of failures, whether a component or product fails in service or if failure occurs in manufacturing or during production processing.

We conduct forensic analysis of the failed process or component, using scientific methods. Various mechanical testing is conducted on the failed systems, which are compared with the system characteristics and design conditions to determine the causes of failure.

Process Engineering

  • Process computer simulations

  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD's) with Heat and Material.  

  • Performing various process design calculations – line sizing, hydraulic equipment sizing, material selections, plot plan inputs and plant classifications.

  • Review and adherence to specifications, regulations, and standard.

  • Technically reviewing equipment and instrumentation selections.

  • Performing engineering design evaluations, calculations and analysis.

  • Commissioning, startup, and operating manuals.

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